Praise for In the Hands of the Betrayer

"Northern Crown is onto something very special and depressive here." - Explicitly Intense, 2014/08/27

"Northern Crown are a force to be reckoned." - WRUV, 2014/08/27

"The music is a great blend of haunting melodic sounds that welcomes all listeners into its dark harmonious realm." - Rock and Metal Temple, 2014/08/27

"A classy slice of Doom" - Twilight Magazin, 2014/09/18

"A classy debut" - Zero Tolerance Magazine, Oct/Nov 2014

"Northern Crown are without a doubt a band to keep a close eye." - Sea of Tranquility, 2014/08/30

"Northern Crown goes back to the 80's style of epic doom metal and brings in elements of 70's psychedelic music to create a sound of their own." - ExtremeUndergroundMusicZine, 2014/08/27

"This is Metal through and through" - Wonderbox Metal, 2014/09/21

"They doom it up, but then they mix in poignant, introspective passages, and they know how to rock a bit form time to time too. " - Canadian Assault

"Its music is something magic, its sound is from outer space, and it’s very metal indeed!" - Dark Souls United, 2015/04/28

"Northern Crown are a band that are not ashamed to show many classic influences, and in a self released CD have shown a level of production that would have once been only possible with the most expensive of studios and a stack of label support. That the band have made this all themselves, including writing, producing, mastering and mixing duties split between assorted studios is a feat worthy of admiration." - Ave Noctum, 2014/11/27